Thursday, October 28, 2010

iPhone - Cocos2D + Lua - Part 1

New Apple licensing finally allows some interpreted code to be executed on the iPhone ( For most people this is an indifferent matter of keeping Flash of the iPhone. On the other hand, great projects like Unity and Corona are effectively prevented from delivering awesome solutions to the mobile world, seeing how they both rely on internal interpreters.

Now that we are over that hump I am glad I can finally start integrating Lua in all my games. Lua ( is a fantastic lightweight language, intended to be embedded and cross platform. There is entire Google on the benefits of this combination but in summary game logic can be implemented outside of the graphic engine (Cocos2D - being my favorite). I've put together a quick demo of Cocos2D and Lua integration and I'll be working more on it as my game SnowRumble ( rises out of ashes.

This post is a little short because I have to get some work done, but as soon as I get a chance I will write up more and try and explain exactly what's going on.

Git your code here: :)


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Walzer said...

awesome! excellent work! I will keep my eye on this project.

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